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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PV elite?

PV Elite<sup>®</sup> provides engineers, designers, estimators, fabricators and inspectors with solutions that match their pressure vessel and heat exchanger design needs.  Skip to Main Content Press Careers Investors Sustainability Contact Us Search Icon English Industries Solutions Products Support & Success

What is the PV-elite training course?

The PV-Elite training course is a 3-day training course which aims to achieve the following goals: Provide a detailed overview of the features and capabilities of PV-Elite software. Explain in detail how PV-Elite works and how the user can assess a pressure vessel for conformance to the appropriate code rules.

Is PV elite available for cloud?

PV Elite is available for Cloud. PV Elite® is a complete solution for vessel and heat exchanger design, analysis and evaluation. The program is easy to learn and use so it is perfect for users requiring fast start-up and confidence in their safety code calculations.

What is the installer filename for PV elite?

Commonly, this program's installer has the following filename: pve.exe. PV Elite is a complete solution for the quick and intuitive design of new pressure vessels and it also evaluates and re-rates existing vessels, including Fitness for Service analysis.

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