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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a homemade purse organizer?

“Find it Fast!” DIY Purse OrganizerMaterials for the Purse Organizer. ...Getting Started. ...Cutting. ...Getting Started Sewing – Pockets. ...Attach Pockets. ...Sew Together. ...Attach Bottom Binding. ...Hand Sew Binding using the Ladder Stitch. ...Finished Fabric Purse Organizer. ...

How to build an easy DIY closet organizer?

Place the organizer in the desired location ( where it will be secured to two studs ). ...Remove any items that are holding the organizer. ...Now it’s time to add the 1″x2″ trim to the front of the organizer and shelf. ...Measure the sides of the organizer ( each one could be different) and cut the trim at those measurements. ...More items...

How to improve your storage with an elegant closet organizer?

‘Divide your items into three groups. Sort through the contents of your closet and create three piles: one for items to give away or consign, one for sentimental items that you can place in long-term storage, and one for items that you need every day.’ Lynne Poulton recommends adding helper shelves, which add intermediate shelving between shelves.

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