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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the public health laboratory information system?

Public Health Laboratory Information System. BACKGROUND INFORMATION The Public Health Laboratory Information System (PHLIS) is a PC- based software application designed for use in Public Health Laboratories for the reporting and analysis of a variety of conditions of public health importance which have a significant laboratory testing component.

Where is the Los Angeles public health laboratory?

Los Angeles County. Department of Public Health. Public Health Laboratory. 12750 Erickson Avenue. Downey, California 90242. Laboratory Director. Nicole M. Green, Ph.D, D (ABMM) Phone: (562) 658-1300.

What is a laboratory information management system?

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are software products designed to streamline laboratory testing and research. They are used to monitor equipment, analyze samples, and generate reports. What are the benefits of using a Laboratory Information Management System?

How do I contact a public health microbiologist (PHM)?

For additional information about public health laboratories please contact us. To obtain information about Public Health Microbiologist (PHM) training and certification please email [email protected]

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