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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I live chat with support?

During weekdays, the best way to contact customer support is via in-product live chat:Click in the header.Under Contact us, click Live chat.Describe your issue and click Submit. A troubleshooting specialist will respond shortly."

How to use live chat support?

LiveChat basicsCreate an account and log in. Creating an account is easy. ...Get to know the app. Click through the sections to get familiar with the app. ...Add and customize the chat widget. When you get familiar with LiveChat app, take a look at the chat widget. ...Change your status to accept chats. ...

Do you offer phone or live chat support?

Online chat gives customers immediate access to answers. No more waiting on hold via phone to talk to a customer service representative. Moreover, the cost per interaction of live chat is lower than phone and email support. Support agents spend less time per interaction, reducing the need to hire more team members.

Is PSN down right now?

The PlayStation Network is down right now, at least for some people, just after the release of the PS4 and PS5's latest system update, though it's unclear if that's merely a coincidence. The Network Service Status page shows various errors and issues with PSN right now. There's no word on when services will be fully restored.

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