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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PSN stand for?

PSN. Public Switched Network. Governmental » Military -- and more... Rate it: PSN. Partido Socialista de Navarra. International » Spanish.

Why is PSN not accepting card?

Call your bank or credit card company. With how often PSN reports of accounts getting "hacked" surface some banks have blocked cards for use on PSN as a security measure. You have to call and say that you want to unlock it. For some you even have to call every time you want to make a purchase because they only unlock the card for 1 hour.

What does PSN stand for in network?

Parti Socialiste Neuchâtelois (Swiss socialist party) PSN. Partido de la Sociedad Nacionalista (Spanish: Party of the Nationalist Society) PSN. Progressive States Network (politics) PSN. Patient Safety News (US FDA) PSN. Panamerican Sports Network.

Does PSN still work on PS3?

Yes the PlayStation 3 PSN store works. I just bought and downloaded Breath of Fire 4 couple of days ago. INKU48 posted... I consider the PS4 an absolutely massive step up. All those PS3 green bars of installing and patching are annoying, the OS is hard to navigate if you have a lot of games and it's slow and freezes occasionally.

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