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Frequently Asked Questions

What is protocollib in Minecraft?

ProtocolLib is a library that allows read and write access to the Minecraft protocol. It handles most of the overhead required with reflection and channel injection and provides wrappers to simplify packet modification. It is updated with most Minecraft updates so, ideally, individual plugins don't have to.

What is the latest version of protocollib?

So, with the release of 4.1.0, the main branch of ProtocolLib will support 1.8 and up. The legacy branch, 3.7.0, will support 1.7.10 and below. I encourage all developers who added ProtocolLib version checks to adjust these checks accordingly or remove them altogether. Now, on to the meat of the update.

How do I force a protocollib update?

Automatically download and install the newest version of ProtocolLib. The installation will take effect when the server restarts. The number of seconds between each check for a new update. This simply records the last time (in seconds since 01.01.1970) an update check was performed. Set it to 0 to force a new update check.

Why should I donate to protocollib-API?

If ProtocolLib has made your life easier, please consider donating. It really means a lot! Note to developers: This will be the last release of the ProtocolLib-API module. Lots of people have been having issues with the plugin failing to load, and the best solution I see is to recombine the modules.

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