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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of protocol?

British Dictionary definitions for protocol 1 a record of data or observations on a particular experiment or proceeding 2 an annexe appended to a treaty to deal with subsidiary matters or to render the treaty more lucid 3 a formal international agreement or understanding on some matter More ...

What is a Protocol statement?

Also called protocol statement, protocol sentence, protocol proposition. Philosophy. a statement reporting an observation or experience in the most fundamental terms without interpretation: sometimes taken as the basis of empirical verification, as of scientific laws.

What is a Russian police protocol?

In late 19th-century Russia, protocol ( protokól ) meant “an official police record of a case or incident,” its meaning in the infamous “Protocols [ protokóly ] of the Elders of Zion,” first published in Russia in 1903.

What is the Google-Apple protocol?

Many covid apps use the Google-Apple protocol, which is a system that keeps users anonymous. Twitter recently posted an update to its Bluesky project, which is aimed at developing open protocols for a decentralized, Twitter-like social network.

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