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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I get with the csgoempire free promo codes?

By using some of the CSGOEmpire free promo codes that they have available and opening a free case, you have a chance to win countless CS GO skins, including anything from an AWP skin, P90, Knives, a Dragon Lore, which is actually worth a lot of money, and many more.

What is csgoempire's bonus program?

CSGOEmpire has one of the most impressive bonus programs for its loyal customers. Every day, a free case is awarded for each account, which contains a randomly determined bonus. A bonus can be a certain amount of local currency on the account, a certain amount of free bets, or even a skin in your Steam inventory.

Is csgoempire a good online casino?

CSGOEmpire offers players a choice of three classic and well-known modes for every gambler. It features roulette, coin flip, esports betting, and betting on skins. There are not so many game mods as some other online casinos offer, but many may agree with me – in this matter, the asceticism of CSGOEmpire can be considered a plus.

Is CSGO Empire secure?

Yes indeed, CSGO empire employs a number of security measures to protect your personal information. The site uses SSL padlock protection to encript all your personal data, ensuring hackers can’t ruin your day.

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