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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a projection lens?

Projector Lens. Projector lenses magnify and focus the image onto the electron detector, typically an electron sensitive phosphor and/or a channelplate detector, producing a visible image.

Is it possible to melt projector lenses?

The heat absorbed inside the lens could melt stuff and the more you stop your lens down, the more this would be a problem. The focus was quite sensitive with the proof of concept, so securing the lens to the projector well enough could be an issue.

Do all rear projection TVs have a Fresnel lens?

Rear projection TV screens all have a circular Fresnel pattern on one side. A Spot Fresnel lens has a glossy smooth finish on the second side of the lens while a Linear Fresnel lens has vertical grooves that are very small, almost too small to see with the naked eye on the second side.

What is the difference between a lens and a prism?

Prism lenses, however, refract light a bit differently. As a result, this produces a different result on sight and vision. Remember from science class, a prism looks like a pyramid with a base and a pointed top. Light passing through a prism will bend towards the base, while the image of the object viewed with the prism moves toward the peak.

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