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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the odds of surviving triple negative breast cancer?

One study in 2007 showed that 77% of women with triple-negative breast cancer survived for at least 5 years, compared with 93% of women with other types of breast cancer. A 2009 study of a smaller number of patients did not show a difference in survival between the types of breast cancer.

Why is triple negative breast cancer so hard to treat?

Triple-negative breast cancer is different from the more common types of breast cancer. It is harder to treat and much more aggressive. Because it is aggressive and rare, fewer treatment options are available. It also tends to have a higher rate of recurrence.

What is the survival rate for triple negative cancer?

The five-year survival rate for someone with localized triple-negative breast cancer, cancer that has not spread beyond the breast, is 91 percent .For cancer that has spread into nearby lymph nodes or nearby areas, the five-year survival rate is 65 percent. For cancer that has spread further into the body, such as into the bones, lungs or liver, survival is 11 percent.

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