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Frequently Asked Questions

What does prognosis mean in medical terms?

Prognosis is a medical term for predicting the likely outcome of one's current standing.

Is there a difference between a good and bad prognosis?

Prognosis is not an objective measurement but a subjective comment based on previous cases. Good prognosis means that the patient is very likely to recover, and the threat to life is less. Bad prognosis means that the chances of survival are bad.

What is diagnosis prognosis?

Prognosis and diagnosis are two words used to describe a person’s illness or condition. A prognosis refers to how a current condition could be expected to affect a person’s health in the future. Diagnosis refers to a condition in the present, informed by observation of current symptoms. In other words, a prognosis is a prediction.

How do you use prognosis in a sentence?

prognosis in a sentence - Use prognosis in a sentence and its meaning 1. "What's the prognosis for him ?" 2. No, he insists, he has been given no prognosis. click for more sentences of prognosis...

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