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Frequently Asked Questions

What does prognosis refer to?

What Is a Prognosis in Mental Health? The term prognosis refers to making an educated guess about the expected outcome of any kind of health treatment, including mental health, in essence making a prediction of the process an individual may have to go through in order to heal, and the extent of healing expected to take place.

Is prognosis the same as symptoms?

The main types of diagnosis include differential diagnosis and pattern diagnosis while there are no particular types of prognosis. A diagnosis gives the main the reason for a symptom while Prognosis explains how likely it is to go away.

How do you use prognosis in a sentence?

prognosis in a sentence - Use prognosis in a sentence and its meaning 1. "What's the prognosis for him ?" 2. No, he insists, he has been given no prognosis. click for more sentences of prognosis...

Is there a difference between a good and bad prognosis?

Prognosis is not an objective measurement but a subjective comment based on previous cases. Good prognosis means that the patient is very likely to recover, and the threat to life is less. Bad prognosis means that the chances of survival are bad.

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