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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install Power Automate Desktop?

Launch Microsoft Store and search for Power Automate for desktop. Open a browser and go to this Microsoft Store page. Then, select Get in Store app to launch Microsoft Store on your device. Go to the Power Automate product page and select the appropriate option for installing.

How much does Power Automate Desktop cost?

The free bit is the Power Automate Desktop tool that lets you build personal Attended Robotic Process Automations. You can run these from your desktop via the PAD user interface. If however you want to schedule or trigger these as a cloud desktop flow, you will need the user license for Power Automate.

What are the benefits of using Power Automate Desktop?

Using Power Automate, you can populate any form and reduce the time needed to enter data on regularly used applications. Performing repetitive online orders, tracking price changes, populating fields on web pages and desktop applications, creating backups, and converting files are all tasks that can be fully automated with desktop flows.

What are the prerequisites for Power Automate Desktop?

To install Power Automate, a Windows account with administrator privileges is required. Microsoft Store installations don't require users to have admin rights to install. An account to sign in to Power Automate. To see what features are available for each account type, go to Sign-in account comparison .

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