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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pouchitis and how is it treated?

Pouchitis is inflammation that occurs in the lining of a pouch created during surgery to treat ulcerative colitis or certain other diseases. Many people with ulcerative colitis need to have their diseased colon removed and the bowel reconnected with a procedure called ileoanal anastomosis (J-pouch) surgery.

What causes pouchitis?

The mucous membrane, or inner lining of the ileum, launches an immune response to the different types of bacteria it is exposed to, which leads to inflammation. There are a number of factors associated with the development of pouchitis, including the following: Genetic makeup (what you inherit from your parents and family)

Does pouchitis look the same in different people?

Pouchitis doesn’t always look the same way in different people. Or your symptoms may change over time. Your doctor will ask about your medical history and rule out any other conditions, like Crohn’s disease, that may be behind your symptoms. Imaging tests.

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