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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pouch-style Respirator?

The pouch-style respirator offers the wearer a large breathing chamber to maximize comfort. Made in the USA, the respirator comes with two comfort fit headbands and a bendable nosepiece to customize fit and ensure a consistent seal. This product is not for the healthcare market and not for healthcare personnel.

What is a pouch cell battery and how does it work?

Pouch cells are also set to be used the most because the battery considered to be the holy grail of EV batteries, solid-state, can only work in the pouch cell format. Therefore as solid-state is commercialized, with experts talking about 2025-2030, it will be embraced by the industry, meaning that batteries will be adapted to the pouch format.

What is the future of pouch cells?

As the development of the pouch cell continues, it will become more available, adoption will increase and it will be more widely used. Indeed, standardization will improve production, efficiency, lower costs and increase volumes all whilst optimizing performance.

What is the difference between prismatic and pouch cells?

Their prismatic shape makes it easy to connect multiple cells together, creating a bigger battery pack. Finally, pouch cells, with their sealed flexible foil acting as the container, are known for having a more lightweight structure.

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