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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pies are in a box of pies?

Those a little further away can order a box of eight or 16 pies to be shipped to their doorstep. There are lots of flavours to choose from including the traditional steak and gravy, and Guinness steak and mushroom pies, to the less-found beef cottage pie, and veggies in white cheese sauce pies.

Where can I buy Australian style pies in the US?

Just keep in mind that they’re closer to the party pies you’d buy at Woolies or Coles than they are to the ones you’d grab at the footy. Where: Australian Product Co, 3828 Stevens Creek Boulevard, San Jose, CA. Shipping: Yes, but must be shipped “overnight”.

Where can I find meat pies in the US?

But they can be a little difficult to find in the US, depending on where you live and how much income you have at your disposal. So I embarked on a meat pie journey, driving from the San Francisco peninsula up to Windsor, across to Vallejo, down to Cupertino and then over to San Jose – all in the pursuit of meat pies.

Where can I find Aussie pies in Benicia?

No worries, just drive them home and pop them in the oven for 5-10 minutes to dry out and crisp up! Fair Dinkum Aussie Pies are now also available at Daily Donuts in Benicia. Where: Vallejo Great Donuts, 630 Tennessee Street, Vallejo, CA. Also available at Daily Donuts, 2074 Columbus Parkway, Benicia, CA.

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