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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pollution kill coral reefs?

These land-based sources of pollution threaten coral reef health. Excess nutrients result in poor water quality, leading to decreased oxygen and increased nutrients in the water (eutrophication). This can lead to enhanced algal growth on reefs, crowding out corals and significantly degrading the ecosystem.

How have coral reefs been affected by pollution?

coral reefs have been getting bleached as is the term from the oceans getting acidified from absorbing so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and who knows what all that plastic is doing—fish consuming it and the leaching of chemicals from said plastic—the rainforest is getting cut down and it is a huge source of carbon dioxide remover and …

Are coral reefs being threatened by pollution?

The top threats to coral reefs — global climate change, unsustainable fishing and land-based pollution — are all due to human activities. These threats, combined with others such as tropical storms, disease outbreaks, vessel damage, marine debris and invasive species, exacerbate each other.

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