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Frequently Asked Questions

What is police chase vs gangster?

Welcome to the new Police Chase Vs Gangster: USA Police Car Driving Games. Be a high police driver to chase thief car on traffic road. Drive police car carefully and hit gangster car with best gameplay.Play a police pursuit game and chase down gangster on city streets.Your mission is to follow, arrest, and hit them before they make a safe getaway.

What is your job as a police officer in this police car games?

Your job in this police games is to take strict action against the criminals in your area zone. Speed up your car after the gangsters and destroy them to save your city in this police car games. As a police officer you have to be brave enough to destroy the criminals in this police car games 3d.

What is police car games 3D?

Police car games is set in a huge open-world 3d environment. Enjoy the real police car driving simulator with the latest police cars and weapons. In this police chasing games 3d you can experience the real cop duties in the city. If you have the thrill of police chase games and police car games then you are in the right place.

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