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Frequently Asked Questions

How many career opportunities jobs are there in Gauteng?

How many Career Opportunities jobs are there in Gauteng? There are 3,560 Career Opportunities jobs within 20 miles of Gauteng available on Pnet right now. What other similar jobs are there to Career Opportunities jobs in Gauteng? As well as Career Opportunities jobs in Gauteng, you can find IT, Management, Business, amongst many others.

Is unemployment still a problem in Gauteng?

The reality is that unemployment is still strife and like in the past with the gold rush era, many may still find themselves desperate to come to Gauteng to seek for greener pastures. In as much as you may be desperately needing a better paying job or simply a job to realign your career, don’t sound desperate. Take time to work on your cover note.

Who is Genpact South Africa?

Genpact South Africa Proprietary Limited * Johannesburg * Permanent * Full Time - Introduction - With a startup spirit and 90,000+ curious and courageous minds, we have the expertise to go deep with the world's biggest brands—and we have fun doing it. We dream in digital, dare in reality, and reinvent the ways companies

How to apply for a job in Gauteng?

Show how your skills, education, qualifications and interests are related to the type of position that you are applying for. When you apply for a job in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion or another part of Gauteng, you need to be aware that there may be traffic during peak times. Think ahead and factor this in so that you are punctual.

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