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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of plumbing parts and supplies?

Plumbing Parts & Supplies. 1 Popular Categories. Drains & Cleanouts. Floor Drains. Shower Drains. Roof Drains. Cleanouts. Water Supply. Water Supply Connectors. Supply Stop ... 2 More Categories. 3 Popular Brands.

Where can I buy plumbing parts in Toronto?

If you’re in the Toronto area and are looking for plumbing parts, come visit our Scarborough based fully stocked parts counter. High quality parts guaranteed! We supply only the highest quality parts. We stand by our parts and only provide our customers with parts that we would use in our own home or on our service trucks.

How many brands does the online plumbing supply store offer?

Our online plumbing supply store provides over 200 brands, encompassing over 50,000 products. As a premier authorized dealer of wholesale plumbing and heating supplies, we encourage you to explore everything we have to offer.

Do you sell all types of plumbing parts?

We sell all types of plumbing parts. If you need a part or a fixture, we have it in stock. Our parts counter is fully stocked with parts for the kitchen, bathroom, toilets, pipes and fittings, valves, faucets, bathtubs.

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