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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a plumbing degree in New Jersey?

You also get up to 32 college course credit hours, for free, to apply to any New Jersey college for an associate’s level degree. If you are currently working as a plumber or in the plumbing trade, you can join the adult education courses at Atlantic County Vocational apprenticeship program.

Does NJ recognize online college courses for home inspector licensing?

Unfortunately, the NJ Advisory Committee does not recognize online college courses for home inspector licensing. Visit the New Jersey website for licensing details.

Is there a mold inspection in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, there are currently no specific regulations pertaining to the inspection or abatement of mold in housing and many other buildings (as of June 2019). For more information, visit New Jersey Department of Health. New Jersey regulations lead paint inspectors .

How do I become a master plumber?

Once you have the approval, the bond insurance, and pass the exams, you will be licensed as a master plumber. You can then open your own business and hire journeyman or apprentice plumbers to work with or for you. Choosing the right school to obtain the required hours, education, and knowledge can be daunting.

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