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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NT plumbers&drainers licensing board?

The NT Plumbers & Drainers Licensing Board, a statutory authority established under section 5 of the Plumbers and Drainers Licensing Act 1983, is responsible for issuing Advanced Tradesman licences and Journeyman registration cards. The Board administers the Plumbers and Drainers Licensing Act 1983, which applies to declared plumbing licence areas.

What does the Plumbing Board do?

The Board holds exams and issues licenses for journeyman and master plumbers, journeyman and master gas fitters, and LP and LTD Gas.

Are there any inspections in the Northern Territory for plumbers?

In recent years, as in other states and territories, third party inspections of work in the Northern Territory have been reduced, it is now more important than ever for plumbers to maintain their skills and keep abreast of current installation requirements and standards. The NT plumbing industry has a licence period of three years.

Where can I find more information about plumbers and drainers licences?

Forms and general information about plumbing licences are also available through the Territory Business Centres (TBC). For more specific information about Plumbers and Drainers licences please contact the Plumbers and Drainers Licensing Board on 08 8936 4083.

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