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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pilotes optimisés for the functionality?

Pour la fonctionnalité Les pilotes optimisés pour la fonctionnalité ont été spécifiquement conçus pour les utilisateurs précurseurs et les développeurs à la pointe de la technologie afin de leur donner accès aux fonctionnalités logicielles les plus récentes avant qu’elles ne soient intégrées au programme de pilotes pour la production.

What is the Pilote group?

The Pilote group has developed seven complementary brands offering a high level of technological sophistication and meeting the needs of our French and international customer base. For over 50 years at Pilote, we have designed and produced our motorhomes inspired by the same idea: by imagining that we are travelling with you, on board your Pilote.

Who were the authors of Pilote?

Pilote also published several international talents such as Hugo Pratt, Frank Bellamy and Robert Crumb . Following the publication of a teaser issue number 0 on June 1, Pilote made its debut proper on 29 October 1959. The magazine was started by experienced comics writers Goscinny and Charlier, and artists Albert Uderzo and Jean Hébrard.

What is the meaning of the name pilot?

'pilote' in Other Languages. British English: pilot /ˈpaɪlət/ NOUN. A pilot is a person who is trained to fly an aircraft. He spent 17 years as an airline pilot. American English: pilot. Arabic: طيَّار. Brazilian Portuguese: piloto. Chinese: 飞行员.

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