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Frequently Asked Questions

What are phenotypic characteristics?

Phenotypic characteristics. Phenotypes are observable characteristics of an organism. It include any characteristics of a microorganism such as morphological characteristics, cultural characteristics, biochemical characteristics etc. It is the overall visual properties of an organism.

How are bacteria identified?

Bacteria are identified routinely by morphological and biochemical tests, supplemented as needed by specialized tests such as serotyping and antibiotic inhibition patterns. Newer molecular techniques permit species to be identified by their genetic sequences, sometimes directly from the clinical specimen.

What are the phenotypic criteria for the classification of strains?

Verification of existing species and creation of new species should involve biochemical and other phenotypic criteria as well as DNA relatedness. In numerical or phenetic approaches to classification, strains are grouped on the basis of a large number of phenotypic characteristics.

Is morphological appearance sufficient for the identification of bacteria?

Morphological appearance of bacterial colonies was often sufficient for their identification in the laboratory. Even in modern times, preliminary identification of most cultivable bacteria is based on such morphological characters. Advances have been made media for the presumptive identification of common organisms encountered in clinical samples.

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