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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of personal?

relating or belonging to a single or particular person: I think you have a personal responsibility to know when to stop. That’s my personal opinion. He was given one hour to pack his personal belongings and leave. Personal is also used to refer to your body: Students are taught about personal hygiene.

What is personal in a newspaper?

Definition of personal. 1 : a short newspaper paragraph relating to the activities of a person or a group or to personal matters. 2 : a short personal communication in a special column of the classified ads section of a newspaper or periodical.

Is your personal life bringing more personal life into the work setting?

Everyone I meet is bringing more of their personal life into the work setting. Increased streaming and online shopping and less in-person socializing have led to consumers’ growing need for a reliable and quick way to virtually communicate on both a personal and professional level. It’s like having a personal coach at your fingertips, literally.

What is personal belief?

pertaining to or characteristic of a person or self-conscious being: That is my personal belief. of the nature of an individual rational being. pertaining to the body, clothing, or appearance: personal cleanliness. provided for one's discretionary use: Employees are allowed 15 vacation days and two personal days. Grammar.

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