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Frequently Asked Questions

How to integrate appointment reminders with patienttrak?

This module works in concert with PatientTrak’s patient appointments /scheduling feature and can be further integrated with PatientTrak patient tracking and text-messaging center. • You can locate the campaigns through the Admin > Appointment Reminders Campaign. This menu provides you with the ability to name and create the campaign message.

What is patpatienttrak?

PatientTrak brings visibility to your patient flow which cuts down calls between staff and eliminates the need to locate patients. Wait and cycle time are significantly reduced. Take control of your digital storefront and online presence with PatientTrak’s industry-leading listings management.

How do I get in touch with patienttrak support?

Please call PatientTrak Support @ (414) 455-6619. A Kiosk Status menu allows for six Kiosk messages that can be displayed. These are often used to let the Patients know that they are at lunch or are closed for the day. They can be set up to allow or disallow a patient to sign-in depending on the message.

What is the patienttrak online reservation solution?

The PatientTrak Online Reservation solution allows your patients to view accurate wait times, get into the tracking board queue or scheduled appointments right from your website. There are two types of reservations available, Area “Direct to Queue” and Scheduling “Slot”.

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