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Frequently Asked Questions

How much part time job pay?

Part-time hours are actually pretty common, particularly when working for smaller companies or if you essentially operate your own business. As far as pay, $34.40 per hour is the norm. However, you could end up earning $59.83+ in time. 3. Programmer Many smaller companies need software created, but it isn’t something they require every single day.

When you work at a non profit?

You can be an idealist: When you work in a non-profit agency then definitely you are going to carry all your tasks in a positive direction. This way you can be an idealist to others and stand as a symbolic personality who has devoted their life to bring good deeds to others.

Is a nonprofit job right for You?

Working in the nonprofit industry allows you to focus on furthering public good, like promoting the arts, empowering youth through education or helping the underprivileged. With a combination of passion, drive, education and experience, you can find a role in the nonprofit sector that matches your skill set and interests.

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