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Frequently Asked Questions

How to outline a logo in Photoshop?

To outline a logo in Photoshop, first, make sure the logo has a transparent background, then double-click on the logo layer to open the Layer Styles. In the Layer Styles set the style to Stroke, set the stroke fill to “Solid Color,” and adjust the width as necessary. Now you have outlined your logo!

How to edit a logo template in Photoshop?

Photoshop uses layers to allow you to easily edit a template and make changes without harming the overall design. For example, the shapes of a logo will be on separate layers to let you change their colors more easily. When picking up a logo template, ensure that the template has separated layers and the text layers are editable as well.

How to fill an outline with an image in Photoshop?

Now open the image layer you want to fill your outline with and place it above the outline layer. Once the image is placed, right-click on it and select Create Clipping Mask. This will make your image layer only visible within the parameters of the layer it is clipped to, which is the outline.

What are the best logo templates?

The design of this logo makes it most suitable for construction, real-estate businesses, and organizations. Ecoscope is another creative logo template you can use to design a logo for a non-profit or a nature-themed business. The template is fully-customizable with Illustrator and Photoshop.

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