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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a snapshot type recordset?

Snapshot-type Recordset— a static copy of a set of records that you can use to find data or generate reports. A snapshot-type Recordsetobject can contain fields from one or more tables in a database but can't be updated. This type corresponds to an ODBC static cursor.

What is the default recordset type for openrecordset?

Note If you open a Recordset in a Microsoft Jet workspace and you don't specify a type, OpenRecordset creates a table-type Recordset, if possible. If you specify a linked table or query, OpenRecordset creates a dynaset-type Recordset. In an ODBCDirect workspace, the default setting is dbOpenForwardOnly.

Does opening a recordset as a snapshot make the read-only option redundant?

In Access VBA, when opening a recordset as a snapshot, does it make the read-only option redundant? At first this seemed to be true, since a snapshot is essentially read-only already, but there always seems to be caveats. Example:

How do I find a specific record in a recordset?

With dynaset- and snapshot-type Recordset objects in a Microsoft Access workspace, you can also use the Find methods, such as FindFirst, to locate a specific record based on criteria. If the record isn't found, the NoMatch property is set to True. For table-type Recordset objects, you can scan records using the Seek method.

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