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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a single source of truth (SSOT)?

A single source of truth (SSOT) is basically the practice of taking your company’s data from all of its different systems and aggregating that data in one location. The idea is to make all of your company’s data and knowledge accessible from a common reference point.

What is Google's single source of truth?

Google is bringing data from many sources (Google maps, the restaurant’s website, Yelp or Google ratings, etc.) to be the searcher’s single source of truth for the data they may want to know about that restaurant. Why is a SSOT critical?

How do you establish a single version of truth?

Establishing a single version of truth is about separating the strategic signal from the operating noise of your business. Hard decisions must be made around which metrics to use and where to source them as well as verifying they mean what everyone thinks they mean (never assume).

What is the difference between single source and single version?

If single source is focused on integrating and synchronizing data, single version is about consolidating and aligning the reporting and analytics. The achievement of these two key outcomes may converge, but they can also be separate and distinct from each other.

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