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Frequently Asked Questions

How to detect anomalies with one-class SVM in Python?

Anomaly Detection Example with One-Class SVM in Python 1 Preparing the data 2 Defining the model and prediction 3 Anomaly detection with scores 4 Source code listing More ...

What is a one-class SVM for novelty detection?

Click here to download the full example code or to run this example in your browser via Binder An example using a one-class SVM for novelty detection. One-class SVM is an unsupervised algorithm that learns a decision function for novelty detection: classifying new data as similar or different to the training set.

Where can I find information about sklearn multiclass SVM function?

You may find useful info in "sklearn multiclass svm function"… I believe the sklearn library would be helpful here.

What is the Support Vector Machine classifier model in sklearn?

The support vector machine classifier model in sklearn comes with a number of hyper-parameters. In this tutorial, well focus on three main ones: C=, which defines the regularization of the error. kernel=, which defines what type of function is used to transform the dataset

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