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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redo hints from the New York Times Spelling Bee?

SPOILER ALERT! This page lists answers for today’s New York Times Spelling Bee. In the box below, enter the 7 letters from today’s New York Times Spelling Bee and click redo hints . Be sure to capitalize the puzzle’s center letter, and enter the other letters in lower case. Alternatively, simply click hints above for help with today’s puzzle.

Is there a forum for the spelling bee?

FRIDAY — Hi busy bees! Welcome to today’s Spelling Bee forum. There are a number of terms that appear in both this article and other online discussions of the Spelling Bee; a glossary of those terms compiled by Monicat, a Times reader, can be found below. Center letter is in bold.

What is the center letter of the spelling bee puzzle?

This Thursday’s spelling bee puzzle was built by Sam Ezersky. As always there are 7 letters and here the center letter is the letter P. … The National Spelling Bee will always make education and vocabulary a major part of any competition. Kids go to these events aiming to spell a plethora of complex words down to each precise letter.

How did the National Spelling Bee Finals work?

But, as this was the National Spelling Bee finals, this wasn’t your typical machine. Instead of inserting currency, the kids aged between 7 and 15 used a “pay with words” system. The machine would say a word, and the kids would type in the spelling on a keypad.

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