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Frequently Asked Questions

How to identify the noteworthy characteristics?

The identification of the noteworthy characteristics can be done by each student in consultation with a designated mentor or advisor, or by the MSPE author. Students should consider including in the Noteworthy Characteristics: - Achievements in research - Honors and Awards - Leadership in student organizations

What is the noteworthy characteristics section of the MSPE?

Noteworthy Characteristics The Noteworthy Characteristics section of the MSPE includes information intended to help a residency program selection committee review applicants holistically to achieve a residency class that brings a diverse set of background experiences, characteristics, and perspectives.

What are the qualities of a good character?

Good character traits . . . Help build respect and trust from others. Motivate and inspire better character from others. Build self-respect and confidence. Provide a framework for making important decisions and choices.

What are the 5 qualities of integrity?

1 Integrity. 2 Honesty. 3 Loyalty. 4 Respectfulness. 5 Responsibility. 6 Humility. 7 Compassion. 8 Fairness. 9 Forgiveness. 10 Authenticity. More items...

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