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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jobs do notary publics have?

Employers may look for administrative assistants, secretaries, and office managers who are also notary publics. Notary publics can work in banks, schools, law offices, real estate firms, and in corporate and government offices. Last Step! Your feedback is important to us.

How much does it cost to join notary rotary?

Basic Membership with Notary Rotary is free and is recommended for notaries who perform notarial duties for their employers. Premier Membership is recommended for professional notaries public, who are generally working as loan signing agents.

Who are the notaries on the notary rotary site?

Most of the notaries on our site are experienced, professional notary signing agents who provide fee-based notarial services and are familiar with loan signings. Notary Rotary is inviting all notary-related companies and member-based notary organizations to apply for participation in the Notary Rotary Authorized Affiliate Program (NRAAP).

How does notary work?

The Work of a Notary Public. Notaries are appointed public officials who help ensure the integrity of signatures on important documents. A notary public verifies the identity of somebody who signs a document, witnesses the signature, affixes the notary seal to the document and then records the signing in her notary journal.

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