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Frequently Asked Questions

What is North Providence GIS?

Though GIS has only been part of the town of North Providence since March 2014, GIS has become an important component for many projects throughout the departments. Some examples of North Providence’s GIS data includes new tax maps, new zoning maps, updating roads, hydrants and buildings.

What does the North Providence planning department do?

The North Providence Planning Department serves as staff to the North Providence Planning Board, which is charged with formulating and updating the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and the Town’s 5 year Capital Improvement Budget. The Planning Department also assists the Board in reviewing and approving all subdivisions and land development projects.

How do I get a copy of Providence's tax maps?

CITY HALL DOING BUSINESS The City of Providence’s tax maps are updated on an annual basis. For official copies, please contact the City Clerk. The maps here are provided for information purposes only. Boards + Commn.

What does 13 mean on a plat map?

In this case, “13” is the Plat Map number (the first characters before the dash) Use the list above to locate your plat. Townwide Zoning Map (.pdf)

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