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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to NoRedInk from my classroom?

The next time you log in to NoRedInk, you can do so from If your classroom uses Clever to access classroom apps like NoRedInk, you will first need to connect your NoRedInk account with Clever (or log in via Clever).

What if a student can't remember their NoRedInk password?

If a student can't remember their chosen NoRedInk password, you can reset it for them from by selecting “Reset password" from the Actions menu. By default, passwords will reset to the class code. Once students log back in successfully, we recommend that they choose a new password by updating it in their Account Settings.

How do I know if a student's NoRedInk account is linked?

The "Linked To" column on your Manage Classes page shows you if a student's NoRedInk account is linked with either Google or Clever for single sign-on. If this column is blank, it means that the student must log in using the listed username and a password.

How do I select more interests on no red ink?

These characters and names will be used in the practice questions you see on NoRedInk. Scroll through the different interests and click to select your favorites. You’ll see the green progress bar fill up as you select more interests!

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