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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you register for unemployment in NJ?

To complete the NJ-REG form, you will need:Your business Entity ID (If you’re a corporation, LLC, LLP, or LP. ...Your business EIN number (this is a 9-digit unique identifier provided to you by the federal government for your business)Your NAICS code (this is an 8-digit number used to classify your business industry in the United States)More items...

How do you apply for unemployment benefits in New Jersey?

In order to qualify for the program you need to have worked In the state of New Jersey for the last 12-18 monthsYou should be a resident of New Jersey and a citizen of the US or a legal alienYou should have earned a certain minimum amount of wages during you r last period of active employment. ...More items...

How to apply for unemployment in New Jersey?

You'll also need to provide information that includes:Your Social Security number or Alien Registration Number if you're not a U.S. ...Details of your work history over the past 18 months -- employer name (s), address (es), and last day of employmentYour severance package details, if you're getting severance payMilitary Form DD-214 (if you served in the military over the last 18 months)More items...

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