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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register to use the DCA portal?

We ask that you check back for new applications as the Department offers new online services as the Portal continues to improve and expand. Available applications are below. Please note, some applications will require user registration to request access to DCA applications.

How do I get a business registration certificate in New Jersey?

If you are a registered vendor but have not received the Business Registration Certificate in the mail, you may obtain a certificate online. Please note that this certificate is not required for all businesses in New Jersey. It is required only for those doing business with the public sector and with the casino service industry.

How do I request a home inspection in New Jersey?

You may do so but is must be in writing from the owner of the property. Your request can be emailed to [email protected], mailed to the Bureau of Housing Inspection, PO Box 810, Trenton, New Jersey 08625; or faxed to (609) 633-6208. How do I apply for an extension of time for correcting violations?

Who is responsible for completing the registration application?

The In County Agent, Manager, Officers and Registered Agents of the Association or Cooperative are responsible for completing the registration application. Who is responsible for correcting the violations in the common and exterior area of a Condominium or Cooperative? The Association is responsible for the correction of all cited violations.

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