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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ECDR system?

The eCDR system allows for the entry of court charges in certain case types. Use the expungement system to request the removal of court records related to your arrest, court proceeding, and outcome for your municipal or criminal court case. eCourts Appellate is available for attorneys only.

How do I access the New Jersey courts website?

To access the New Jersey Courts website, click Browser compatibility There is a known issue with Internet Explorer Version 11 running on Windows 10 which is causing users to attempt to login multiple times unsuccessfully. If you encounter this issue, please use another browser (e.g., Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox).

How do I use Ecourts?

Attorneys should use eCourts to submit filings wherever possible. Attorneys can use funds deposited in their JACS account to pay filing fees for cases filed electronically. Our statewide municipal court system allows self-represented litigants and their attorneys to pay fines, plead not guilty, request a new court date, and more.

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