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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best place to visit in New Jersey?

The most popular place to visit in New Jersey, Atlantic City is known for its gambling casinos and as the home of the Miss America pageant. Top waterfront attractions in the city include the famous wood-plank Boardwalk and Gardner’s Basin.

What are some fun facts about NJ?

Strange Yet Interesting Facts About New Jersey. It is the home of Atlantic City, which has the longest boardwalk, as well as the tallest water tower, in the world. From beaches to cityscapes, it also offers amazing and scenic views, including 127 miles of coastline running along the Atlantic Ocean, and 790,000 acres of farmland.

What is the average home price in New Jersey?

The median home sale price is $419,100 in North Jersey and $238,900 in South Jersey. What does that get you? Here are 20 examples. Your real estate money goes further as you head south in New Jersey. As Patch reported earlier this week, you'll spend about $180,000 more on the average home in North Jersey, where the median sale price is $419,100.

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