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Frequently Asked Questions

What does news score stand for?

This National Early Warning Score (NEWS) calculator evaluates physiological parameters to check the severity and decline of illness in patients for intensive care. Discover more about the early warning systems and the score interpretation below the form.

Does the news/news2 score add value in hospital settings?

The scores are designed to be used over time, comparing the patient’s current score with a trend over days, hours or minutes. It was beyond the scope of this rapid review to definitively address whether and in what circumstances the NEWS/NEWS2 score adds value in hospital settings.

Does News2 score predict survival in critical care patients?

In brief, a high NEWS2 score appears to predict poor survival in patients admitted to critical care facilities; a low score predicts good survival (example papers here [11-13]). It is important to note that NEWS was developed pragmatically by front-line clinicians with (initially) limited research input.

Can the News2 tool be used to predict risk of clinical deterioration?

The guideline states that “Use of the NEWS2 tool in the community for predicting the risk of clinical deterioration may be useful. However, a face-to-face consultation should not be arranged solely to calculate a NEWS2 score” (paragraph 3.7). [6]

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