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Frequently Asked Questions

How is New Mexico abbreviated?

The New Mexico state abbreviation is made up of two letters, the same two letters that make up the New Mexico postal abbreviation with periods; as follows: “N.M.”. The Land of Enchantment is home to a plethora of small businesses in the United States.

What is the two letter abbreviation for New Mexico?

New Mexico Abbreviation What is the abbreviation for New Mexico state? NM is the 2 letter abbreviation for New Mexico, the 36th largest state in the United States of America. New Mexico is a state located in West part of U.S.A, bordering Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.

Is New Mexico a sovereign state?

The sovereign immunity enjoyed by the State of New Mexico and its governmental subdivisions was abolished by the New Mexico Supreme Court in 1975. The legislature responded by enacting the Tort Claims Act, NMSA 1978 sections 41-4-1 through 41-4-29.

Is New Mexico named after Mexico?

What is New Mexico named after? In 1563, it was named Nuevo México after the Aztec Valley of Mexico by Spanish settlers, more than 250 years before the establishment and naming of the present-day country of Mexico; thus, the present-day state of New Mexico was not named after the country today known as Mexico.

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