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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you claim unemployment in NJ?

Unemployment insurance claim assistance is available online at Many state and community programs and resources are available to those who need additional support. For information on assistance in the areas of family, food ...

What is the maximum weekly unemployment benefit for New Jersey?

What’s the maximum amount of unemployment you can get in NJ? The maximum weekly amount is recalculated annually and is equal to 56 2/3 percent of the statewide average weekly wage. A claimant can collect a maximum of 26 weeks of benefits on a regular unemployment claim.

What is the unemployment rate for New Jersey?

New jersey’s unemployment rate is 7.3% and it received $6.2 billion in federal funds from the $1.9 trillion american rescue plan. Source: The 2022 tdi/fli taxable wage base will increase to $151,900, up from $138,200 for 2021. 6 expiration of federal unemployment benefits that have provided residents with hundreds of dollars ...

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