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Frequently Asked Questions

Are NJ unemployment payments taxable?

Yes, the extra $600 that the unemployed can receive as part of the expanded federal benefits is taxed by the federal government. Unemployment benefits are not taxable for New Jersey. If you didn’t elect to have federal taxes withheld, you can go to your unemployment account and change that.

Can I get the maximum unemployment in New Jersey?

The increased rates will be effective for new claims dated Jan. 2, 2022, and later. In the new year, the maximum weekly benefit amount for new Unemployment Insurance beneficiaries increases to $804, from $731, the New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development (NJDOL) said.

What is the individual income tax rate in New Jersey?

The state’s income tax ranges from 1.40% up to 10.75%, one of the highest top rates in the country. Of course, if you don’t own a home or if your income places you in one of New Jersey’s lower tax brackets, the picture may not be so bleak. New Jersey’s sales tax rate is relatively close to the national average.

What is the maximum weekly unemployment benefit for New Jersey?

What’s the maximum amount of unemployment you can get in NJ? The maximum weekly amount is recalculated annually and is equal to 56 2/3 percent of the statewide average weekly wage. A claimant can collect a maximum of 26 weeks of benefits on a regular unemployment claim.

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