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Frequently Asked Questions

What is work in expressfleet?

Your place to login to your Expressfleet, Asset Guard and Networkfleet 5500 Series accounts. Work is our field service solution for job scheduling, dispatching, and automated invoicing.

Why choose Verizon Connect for fleet management software?

Our approved software integration partners can help extend the functionality of your fleet management solution, including integration with industry-specific fleet maintenance and fuel management providers. With Verizon Connect, I was able to implement the metrics that I wanted to control my job cost and profit.

Are there any good fleet management solutions for heavy-duty fleets?

There are plenty of fleet management solutions out there but how many are actually suitable for fleets running heavy-duty... Offer available to new and existing Reveal business customers with new vehicle tracking subscription, excluding seasonal contracts, federal, state and local government entities, in the US, Mexico, and Canada only.

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