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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nemesis Prime come with a collector card?

Unlike other Power of the Primes figures, Nemesis Prime does not include a collector card featuring a Prime Master power description. Like his moldmate Optimus, Nemesis Prime is prone to having a small number of quality control issues.

How many nemesis (Resident Evil) wallpapers are there?

A curated selection of 19 Nemesis (Resident Evil) Wallpapers. Perfect for making your computer shine.

Is Nemesis a Mighty Muggs kit?

As with the Attack Mode kit, the finished IDW-style kit is Voyager-sized. Nemesis was released in the second wave of the 2018 Mighty Muggs relaunch, redecoed from Optimus Prime. As with his heroic counterpart, his helmet can be bopped to alter his mood. He features three different faces: classic, distressingly happy, and moderately smug.

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