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Frequently Asked Questions

How does softball America rank players?

In formulating rankings for the sophomore through senior classes, Softball America places an emphasis on real-time developmental growth in conducting player-profile analysis. Prospect potential, projected upside, overall and position-specific athleticism as well as other quantifiable metrics are key components of evaluation.

How many top 100 recruits will ou have in 2022?

For example, OU’s weighted rankings for the 2022 class will be 16, 22, 25, 101, 121, 141 for the 6 possible recruits. Very few classes have 6 Top 100 recruits.

Are JC recruits factored into the rankings?

The rankings are updated with each added college commitment to our database as well as updates to our national high school player rankings. Currently, JC recruits are not factored into rankings.

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