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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I align items to the left of a navbar?

The .me-auto class is used to align items to the left of that navbar. Here is the output of the above program where links are aligned to the left, the brand name to the center, and the search field to the right within the navbar. Hence we can use margin utilities to align the items within the navbar to left, right, or center.

What is Bootstrap 4 navbar right alignment?

Another frequent Bootstrap 4 Navbar right alignment scenario includes a button on the right that remains outside the mobile collapse nav so that it is always shown at all widths. Right align button that is always visible

How do I move the navigation bar to the right?

Create another <ul class="navbar-nav ml-auto"> for the navbar items you want on the right. ml-auto will pull your navbar-nav to the right where mr-auto will pull it to the left. As you can see additional styling rules have been added to account for some oddities in Stackoverflows preview box.

What is a navbar auto margin?

It's a Bootstrap 5 auto margin feature that pushes everything in front of it to the left. So the element that uses it sits on the far right. All you gots to do is create another navbar with that class and voila!

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