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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Reset my Myhr password?

Go to the MyHR log-in page. Click on the 'Forgotten password?' link. Enter your log-in email address and click 'Reset your password'. You will receive an email from MyHR with instructions for resetting your password. In the email received from MyHR, click on the first link (or copy and paste the URL into your web browser).

How do I log in to my retail store/minute clinic?

Login Retail Store & Minute Clinic Colleagues: Enter your 7 Digit Employee/Contractor ID number and password Corporate Retail & PBM Colleagues: Enter your computer (Windows) ID and password Health Care Business (HCB) Colleagues: Enter your A or N ID and password Having issues logging in?

Does CVS Health offer employee self service?

Disclaimer for Employee Self Service Users Only. The Employee Self Service (ESS) Website and App are optional tools available to CVS Health retail colleagues only. ESS is provided for colleague convenience and is entirely voluntary. Colleagues can  still continue to view and request changes to their schedules in a store during working hours.

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