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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I self-service my license in New Jersey?

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is pleased to now offer an expanded menu of online self-service options, through our secure MyLicense website. What would you like to do? 1. Renew an Existing License​ Online ​ ​ 2.

What is the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs license verification system?

Welcome to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs License Verification System. This is a real-time system with access to the most current professional license information. Please Note: This website is intended to be used for VERIFICATION ONLY. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE ROSTER.

How do I get a professional license?

1. Renew an Existing License​ Online ​ ​ 2. Apply for an Initial License Online (Before starting the application process, it may be helpful to read our "Top Tips for License Applicants ( English / Spanish)" ​ and "Getting a Professional License When You Have a Criminal Record ( English / Spanish ).") 3. Verify a Current License 4.

Where can I find information about my license?

Through our secure MyLicense website, licensees have a menu of online self service options available. Search our databases for license and registration information, registered charities, or view Physician, Podiatrist and Optometrist Profiles.

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